Employee & Family Assistance Program

The Employee & Family Assistance Program is a unique community-based employee benefit program. Employers pay an annual premium for each employee so that they may access UNLIMITED services throughout the year.

We offer employees and dependents with confidential and professional counselling, coaching, support and education to address personal or work-related concerns.

Unlike other limited service employee assistance programs employee and dependents will not need to complete multiple intakes or re-apply for services on a per issue basis. This addresses the concern that many people have of having to re-tell their story again and again. One counsellor will follow each file until completion regardless of the number of issues requiring attention. We believe that consistency in care is the most beneficial to clients and we strive to offer client-centred services that are of the highest quality through a personal and simple process that does not increase stress.

Employers who are members with us benefit from increased productivity at work, less sick time/stress leave taken by employees, and peace of mind knowing that help during tough times is just a phone call away.

Employees and dependents benefit from access to a library of in-office resources, and on-going confidential professional support with ONE counsellor throughout the year at no personal financial investment.

Private Counselling

Not employed by a member employer or a parent seeking support services?

Counselling appointments are available to anyone on a fee-for-service basis. Please contact our office for availability.

Community Programs & Partnerships

Connect and Thrive is a community-wide therapeutic parenting program offered throughout Renfrew County that is generously funded though the Ontario Trillium Foundation. This program has been designed to address the need for family support services that have no cost and no waitlist. Using an attachment and trauma-informed lens, this program will provide therapeutic parenting support/education/counselling services for parents and caregivers experiencing challenges impacting children’s development/mental health status.

Services are available to any parent/caregiver of children between the ages of 0 and 18 years of age. It is open to biological, foster, adoptive, and step-parents. These services are delivered at our office, in the community, or at the parent’s home (if there are barriers preventing them from attending the office), as well as through workshops and support groups.

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